Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Discover the importance of dental cleaning in San Augustine, TX

How often do you get your teeth professionally cleaned? Experts recommend that you come in at least twice a year to get checked for cavities and to keep your mouth healthy. When you need a dental cleaning in San Augustine, Texas, you can count on Jeannine Cullum DDS to take good care of your teeth. We take patients of all ages and accept most insurances and Medicaid.

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Don't procrastinate on oral hygiene

You can brush and floss every morning and night, but if you aren't regularly seeing a preventive dentistry pro, your oral health could be at risk. Routine dental cleaning prevents:

Gum disease
Tooth loss

Plus, it allows us to identify any issues, including oral cancer, early on. Protect your health by getting preventive dentistry services from Jeannine Cullum DDS in San Augustine, Texas today.