As a young girl Growing up in Miami FL and already in a school-work program at age 14 because of how much I hated school, it was my way out of the clutches of authority. At age 16, my stepfather and I had a huge argument and he kicked me out on the streets with no money to my name.I had no cell phone, no computer, no transportation, and no money.The streets of Miami at 2 in the morning is not a good place to be for anyone, especially a young teenage girl. After finding a pay-phone, I called a friend with a collect call to come and pick me up. From that night on, I never came back. Becoming an adult was coming at me hard and fast. I had to work full-time to survive so I could eat and have a place to sleep. None of this was easy and some serious life altering events were heading my way. I moved in with a man who turned out to be a hardcore criminal. This guy had a temper and thirst for violence and in no way would I cross my boyfriend at that time. Eventually the police got to him and he went to prison. The police at that time wanted to use me as a witness to testify. Death was knocking at my door! I had to run and take a permanent vacation as it was the only way to save my life. Next thing I know, I was on a bus with a one-way ticket to Texas. A friend of mine got me a place to stay and I got a job working as a waitress at Denny's. I made friends with the cooks, so I was able to eat for free and could collect a paycheck. Now there were many times where I lived off of Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches for months at a time. If I could get a can of Tuna fish at that time, I was in heaven! Life was tough at the time and Texas was very different from the Miami streets that I grew up on. I packed up and headed back to Florida and had another waitress job waiting for me. Again, I made friends with the cooks so I ate for free and earned a paycheck. Shortly after arriving back in Florida, I ended up meeting my 1st husband and we traveled all over the world. Our marriage did not last long, but I got to experience the world which was fun and exciting

I was then right back in Texas. Now pregnant with my one and only child and married to my 2nd husband (the love of my life). My husband was a true version of what you might call a mobster, a gangster, or a man who called the shots. He would stomp on anyone who crossed him or his money. You could say I was always attracted to bad boys, but it did not matter because this was the father of my one and only Child. I was young and determined to keep our family together. After the birth of my son, i realized what a defining moment in my life that was. Inside my mind and heart looking deep inside my very soul, I knew I was going to be a great mother and provider. I went to college for 9 years at Sam Houston State University in Texas. With almost two double degrees in Science, my academic skills and grades were so high that I was in the top 10% of entire school. This paved my way to getting accepted into Dental school and I had not even graduated College! The battle started the moment I walked into the University of Texas Dental School in Houston Texas. In the year 1994 I graduated with a professional degree as a Doctor of Dental Sciences. My first job as a young dentist was working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. My stepfather and many other negative people in my life always said that I would end up in prison, but never dreamed I'd be working in one as a Doctor. I then moved on to working very long hours in various Dental clinics perfecting my craft a Dentist. I was so good at restoring people's mouth's that I was considered one of the best in Cosmetic Dental History. Not to brag, but I was the Queen Boss at Cosmetic Dentistry and even went on to build a million plus dollar practice and was even recorded in a book that is in the library of congress. After my accomplishments and achievements, I felt it was time to retire and I left Dentistry. I moved out of the Houston area and bought a big chunk of land in Deep East Texas. Surrounded by land and the countryside of Texas, this was my new life. It got boring quickly and I went back into Dentistry. I then had my 2nd and final divorce. My restorative work had taken a turn for what I feel is my new expression of art filled with imagination, soul, and character. Designing customized mouth Grillz and dentures filled with different types of precious metals and stones. The colors and designs give new life to people's mouths with my Luxury Customized Grillz and mouth pieces. I enjoy all types of music but Hip Hop has always been one of my favorites. My Son even dedicated a tattoo to me from a song by the rapper "2Chainz"which states "Make my momma proud, momma did not raise no hoe." My son has made me very proud and I enjoy having him working at the office. In hip-hop we see the customized Grillz, but today Grillz are not for only rappers. Grillz are for everyone and just like tattoos, we are seeing the popularity climbing through the roof. As my title states, the "Queen of Grillz". I went from a PHD of the streets to a PHD in school. I am a living example that dreams are always possible if you are willing to put in the grind and hustle.
Dr. Jeannine Cullum aka "TheQUeenofGrillz"